Financial statements auditing is the service most required by our clients, as we have great experience in this field and in practically all types of companies: entities from both the private and public sector, industrial, commercial and services companies, banks, brokerage and insurance companies, state and municipal governments, interstate companies and organizations, universities and ONGs, among others.

We use one of the most advanced and efficient auditing methodologies in the country, which helps us know and understand better the company and its environment, combined with an analytical review of its financial and operating statistics and an evaluation of its control objectives. They allow us to detect the specific risks in each of the audit areas and, consequently, to focus on the areas of greater risk, avoiding the over-auditing or sub-auditing of the entity. Our methodology is based on IT systems, which makes it all the more efficient and effective.

We are aware of the responsibility we assume with each job, which is why we always ensure high quality, efficiency and full compliance with the standards governing our profession, especially with the MIPA and IFAC ethics codes.

Auditing Services

Auditing is the excellence service provided by the public accounting firms, and we make no exception, our activity including:

  • Financial statements audit.
  • Tax audit.
  • Social security audit.
  • Trusts audit.
  • Internal company.
  • Internal audit programs design.
  • Internal control audit.
  • Business acquisition or sale audit.
  • Design of procedures for compliance with financial reporting standards.
  • Design of inventory control and evaluation systems.
  • Mortgage loans operational audit.
  • Performance audit.
  • Forensic Audit.
  • Acquisitions audit.



  • Auditing software.
  • AAPS policies (auditing, attestation and professional services).


Our auditing methodology is based on the application of the ISAs International Standards on Auditing, and also on the attestation auditing standards issued by MIPA.
We maintain ourselves constantly informed on the changes in national and international standards issued by the organizations governing our profession.



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