Government Consulting and Auditing

The three government levels, their public decentralized agencies and, in general, all the entities in the government sector have to comply with the newly issued rules, the General Governmental Accounting Law being one of them. They also have to comply with the various dispositions regarding transparency, with those derived from acting as public officials and those related to human resources, this requiring: establishing controls, receiving and providing training, preparing budgets and investment programs, performing external or internal audits.


At MXGA, we rely on professionals with their high experience in the various government levels in order to provide the above described services, on specialists in various disciplines, such as public auditors certified in Government Accounting and Audit, who are committed to help the institutions in the governmental sector to achieve their goals complying with the various legal obligations and provisions they are subject to.



  • Financial, budgetary and programmatic audit.
  • General Governmental Accounting Law (Accounting harmonization).
  • Fraud investigation.
  • Delivery – Receipt (Blanc papers and management reports); labor obligations calculation.



  • E-learning citizen information system
  • Digitalization
  • Online reporting
  • Patrimonial control



  • Institutional Performance Evaluation
  • Administrative processes improvement
  • Organizational structures optimization
  • Internal control consolidation.





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