México Global Alliance, S.C. (MXGA) is a one hundred percent Mexican accounting and consultancy company. Member of an International Organization and relying on over 30 years of experience on the market, we have all the necessary human and technical resources to answer the needs and requirements of our clients in this strictly regulated and highly competitive world.

The greatest assets of México Global Alliance are its partners, who have solid experience, acquired through professional practice in international companies. MXGA currently includes 11 offices, each of them represented by a Managing Partner, who contributes in achieving the highest standards in service and quality control in the professional performance of its collaborators. Our National Office is located in the city of Monterrey, and our National Managing Partner is the C.P.C. Miguel A. Cantú Pérez.



The professional organization MXGA is a member of ever since 2010 is Plante Moran Alliance, part of the International Firm Plante Moran PLLC, with headquarters in the United States of America. Plante Moran is the 12th most important firm in the United States, judging by size of income. They have been recognized for 15 years in a row as one of the best 100 companies to work for, according to Fortune magazine.

Plante Moran is part of Praxity, a global alliance of independent companies (172), present in 72 countries, reuniting over 24,500 professionals, currently being considered as the 8th in the world.



MXGA is a firm of certified public accountants, with a carefully documented background of over 30 years in the field of accounting services and consultancy. Each office, through its partners and collaborators, is a landmark of the region it serves in terms of professionalism, seriousness, fair treatment and proven experience which translate in major benefits for our clients.

Our company counts on over 250 professionals, 17 partners, 11 offices throughout the country and more than 500 clients, with fields of specialization like audit, taxes, business consultancy, business development, transfer prices studies and outsourcing, among others.



MXGA is organized in independent regional offices run by a regional managing partner who is part of the MXGA National Managing Council. The offices establish their own regulations, quality control system and methodology. The managing partners meet continuously in order to monitor the progress of the different assignments given to the committees. The company holds an annual meeting of the Partners, during which institutional performance guidelines are set and integration and experience trade strategies are implemented.


The pillars of Global Alliance are its partners, who were part of the Freyssinier Morin (with over 90 years of activity in Mexico), one of the oldest and most prestigious firms in the country. The partners in the offices that currently make up MXGA decided to found an independent, committed and modern company that later formed an international alliance with Plante Moran. (



México Global Alliance is a one hundred percent Mexican company, member of an International Organization, relying on all the human and technical resources necessary to serve the needs of companies of any size and complexity, national and international.

We have adapted many of the processes of our services according to the example set by our strategic alliance, looking to meet quality standards, customer engagement and ethics in our professional performance.

Our mission is to meet the expectations of the clients that do us the honor of choosing our services with diligently, empathy, creativity and compliance with the highest professional standards.

We want them to acknowledge that, besides meeting their expectations as clients, we also help them reach their objectives and solve their problems.

Our actions are founded on the natural values of the human being and on the values emphasized by the code of ethics governing our profession. We pay special interest in our collaborators and in the collaborators of our clients as well.



Providing professional services in the areas of auditing, accounting, tax and business consulting, based on our experience and according to our specializations, in the pursuit of results that bring a benefit or positive contribution to business performance; with a high sense of diligence, quality control, ethics and professional commitment that meet the expectations of each of our clients.



Consolidation, growth, training and commitment to build one of the most appreciated companies at national level. With have respect for our profession and a complete sense of ethics, professionalism, efficiency and high specialized technical capital to allow us to provide our clients with reliable services, in the benefit of their interests, our collaborators with constant professional development opportunities and to our partners the appreciation and gratitude of the company for their participation.



  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Independence
  • Ethical actions
  • Diligence
  • Confidentiality
  • Keeping promises
  • Punctuality



We are aware of the fact that we need to incorporate high quality and efficiency in the accomplishment of our tasks, and that is why we have designed work systems that contribute to the achievement of the goals set for our clients. We rely on an audit methodology that complies with the national and international standards of quality control standards and compliance with the IFAC and MIPA ethics codes.

In its corporative government, MXGA has established various committees formed by partners, directors, associates and independent specialists. The committees are part of the structure and the vertebral column of our company, always striving to comply with the international standards imposed by the profession and being ready to attend to clients from public and private national companies to international firms looking to conquer the Mexican market.


Standards Committee

Its purpose is to keep our audit methodology and financial information standards up to date with the international regulations, also acting as a body. An independent investigator is part of this committee and issues the guidelines to follow according to the norms regulating the profession.


Tax Committee

It is a fundamental part for maintaining our internal and external client base up to date regarding the fiscal environment. The committee has regular sessions, more than 1 time per month and is responsible with issuing newsletters, training employees through courses and talks and informing our clients and the public in general of the constant legislative changes in our country in matters of taxation and social security. Our constantly updated in this field allows us to be a modern, well informed company, ready to assist our clients regardless of the economic sector they are activating in.


Quality Control Committee

It ensures the compliance with the quality control standards issued by MIPA itself, and also that each office follows both the internal regulations issued by the firm itself and the ones issued by the international alliance the firm is a member of. Responsible with receiving and settling the disputes that may exist in the ethical performance of our profession, this committee monitors and supervises the correct application of the rules in each of the offices, appointing an internal responsible with quality control for every one of them.


Human Resources Committee

Our firm’s greatest asset is the human capital, which is why we consider the recruitment, integration, training and development of the teams fundamental for the proper performance of their members. The HR Committee is in charge with issuing the internal regulations according to the quality control standards issued by MIPA, with elaborating procedure manuals, evaluating personnel, training and monitoring the formation of our employees in order to be able to establish career plans and ensure their professional development within the Firm at international quality standards. It promotes personnel integration through national events like “MXGA Experience”; It also acknowledges talent and develops the capacities of its managers and directors through experience exchange and technical training.


Corporate Image Committee

It has the responsibility to establish the guidelines for the image, promotion and brand positioning and monitors its proper implementation throughout all the offices around the country. Advised by experts in the field, it seeks to conserve a unique image that will always reveal the mission, vision and values governing our activity. It also ensures the implementation of marketing strategies adequate to various environments, like social networks, web page and newsletters, fundamental for maintaining our clients informed in an era of constant changes and speed.