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Elimination of Universal Tax Offset   Among the 2019 Mexican Tax Reforms, one of the main issues, which causes a significant financial impact on operating cash flows, was the elimination of universal tax offset, which has been used for the last 14 years. The decision of tax authorities to eliminate this administrative facility, leads to […]

Tax Alert – December 2014

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Seventh Resolution of Amendments to the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution for 2014 and its Appendices 3 and 24 Last December 4, 2014, the SAT (Mexican Administrative Taxation System) website published the Seventh Resolution of Amendments to the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution for 2014 and its Appendices 3 and 24. Among the amendments published, we can highlight the […]

Tax Alert No.1 – December 2014

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VAT withholding on sales between foreign residents and domestic IMMEX companies Last November 18, 2014, the Third Resolution of Amendments to the 2014 Foreign Trade Rules was published in the Federal Official Gazette. We can highlight, among them, the annulment of Rule 5.2.2 Section II, which stated that foreign resident sales of merchandise imported temporarily […]

Tax Alert No.1 – October 2014

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Refund of refundable VAT arising from investment projects in fixed assets (Rule I.4.1.9) According to this new provision, taxpayers conducting investment projects in fixed asset consisting of purchasing or developing assets, rendering services or granting the temporary use or enjoyment of assets can receive a refund of the VAT originating from such projects within a […]

Tax alert No. 2 – August

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Electronic Accounting Last August 6, the Tax Administration Service published in its website the Third Amending Resolution Project to the 2014 Omnibus Resolution. Such project includes amendments made to certain rules related to the obligation to keep the accounting files in magnetic means pursuant to the Federal Tax Code. An outstanding fact is the extension […]

Tax alert No.1 – August

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Foreign Trade Project that States Rules of General Nature Last August 1, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) website included a ruling stating new foreign trade rules of general nature for 2014. Such rules establish the guidelines that need to be followed by taxpayers who choose not to be certified for VAT and the special tax […]

Tax Alert #2 – July

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News Regarding the Export Manufacturing, Maquila and Services Industry The Income Tax Act in effect for 2014 includes a series of requirements needed to be met to consider that a taxpayer is performing maquila operations. One of the most controversial requirements establishes that the entire revenue from their productive activities must arise solely from their […]

Tax Alert

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Electronic Media As we published in our bulletins with respect to the 2014 Fiscal Reform, amendments were made to the federal tax code whereby new electronic mechanisms and taxpayer obligations were created. Taxation Box Individuals and corporations with a federal tax code will have a designated Taxation Box consisting of an electronic communication system located […]